Over the course of my life I've always been involved in the community in which I resided no matter where in the world it happened to be. For most of my life I have traveled extensively and I've worked with people on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. These individuals have run the scope of status in life be it someone who digs ditches or the head of a nation. At some point in my life I've walked in the shoes of everyone involved in a legal profession. I'm a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I've enjoyed each of these roles, but especially being a mom! I homeschooled my children, and I probably learned more in the process than they did LOL! I determined that textbooks which I had utilized in my school years we're oft times incorrect in their recording of history. Travel is the best educator! In my life experience I've had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I value these experiences, as much wisdom and skill was gained by going through these times.

Our current education system needs to be overhauled and held accountable to the public for which it serves. 


I'm going to ask the hard hitting questions: why are we spending $10,000+ PER CHILD and approximately $400,000 PER CLASSROOM EVERY YEAR and getting next to nothing for it! Where is it going? Why are OUR CHILDREN not being given the BEST education that we can offer? As well, why are our children not getting top quality nutrition? 

Abusive Guardianship
A nationwide problem among our most vulnerable, stealing the ability to choose from our citizens. Forcing drugs, tests, and treatments that they would otherwise refuse. In most cases drugging them out of their mind. Nullifies their rights, wills, trusts, and advanced directives. Takes away their families rights and ends with total family separation. Rendering them unable to hire an attorney, vote and force them to move wherever they see fit. They sell their house, and all their personal belongings and liquidate all assets. Stocks, bonds, properties, paintings, clothing, jewelry and your family has no say in ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS. Wealthy and upstanding families are the target. Attorneys stand to gain millions of dollars by effectively raping our elderly and disabled. 
Our healthcare system should be termed SICK CARE. The focus should be preventative care. Patients shouldn't have to wait until there's a problem. We should be fostering a system that teaches people more than just what pill to take. Educating patients on actual cause and effect and encouraging wellness practices in everyday life. 

Another nationwide problem brought close to home, namely in Palm Beach and Lake Worth etc. HUGE encampments regularly shower nude in parks where children play. If anyone else was doing this they would be arrested for public indecency. This is all under the blessing of Congresswoman Lois Frankel the current incumbent. Everyone has a story and been through the wringer in some form or another. Whatever the reason be it a disability, mental illness, or drug use. We need to SUPPORT them and give them resources and tools to change their scenario. A chance to REWRITE THEIR STORY. 

2nd Amendment
Our guns are the only thing standing between our FREEDOM and TYRANNY. Our Founding Fathers had the wisdom and foresight to understand this incredibly important right. We must continue to protect it and never give it up. All who are willing should be trained in firearm safety and use. We need to EDUCATE not ERADICATE. 

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